April 2023 Home Prices -KC AREA

People always want to know how the real estate market is doing. It’s a popular topic for conversation, especially among homeowners or those interested in purchasing real estate in the near future.

I’ll first say this because it can’t be said enough...STOP paying attention to national media outlets that sensationalize the headlines. I know we are living in a very fast paced society and sometimes reading the news headlines is all we have time for these days. But it’s giving false information…or at least it’s giving information that isn’t necessarily accurate for our midwest real estate market.

I would even argue that you don’t really care about the market…you care how it affects you personally. Has the value of your home increased or decreased? Is now a good time for YOU to purchase a home or invest in real estate? That’s what you really care about so in that case I encourage you to find a real estate advisor that you know, like, and trust and follow them. As one of those real estate advisors myself, I promise to give you the real data about how your interest(s) in real estate might be affected. 

Regarding home prices for the KC area in April of 2023, most counties had significant increases in the average home value when comparing April of 2022 prices. Johnson County, for example, didn’t see the highest increase, but their average home price was well over $500K. Platte County saw an almost 15% increase in the average home price sold in April with their average home price at over $450,000. 

Contact me if you have questions or want to have a discussion about your home’s current value or if now is a good time for you to become a homeowner. Furthermore, as a real estate investor myself I can teach you to create a new stream of revenue or passive income by investing in real estate; house flipping, long term rentals (multi-family or single family), short term vacation rentals, etc. I look forward to being a valuable resource to you. Homeownership is for everyone!

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