Selling your Home For Sale by Owner

Let me start by saying that there are times that you might NOT need to use an agent, but that would only be for the very simplest of transactions. For this post, let’s assume we’re talking about listing your home for sale to the public where a buyer has not already been identified.

First, let’s look at some industry data. Of all the closed real estate transactions that happen nationally, less than 10% are sold by the owners without an agent. And of those that do sell, it’s estimated that on average they sell for less than 26% of the ones that are sold by an agent. That’s a lot of money to lose out on.

Second, when listing your home and making it live to the market, you really have one chance to make a strong first impression. The factors that contribute to that first impression are list price, the way the home looks (photos, video, staging), and the features of the home. An experienced real estate agent knows how to present the home to make a strong first impression, get many online views, and entice buyers to come for a showing. A home that’s priced incorrectly or is poorly photographed will not attract buyers and therefore will sit on the market ignored. As the days on the market increase buyers tend to think something is wrong with it. This is why the listing’s first impression is crucial.

Thirdly, do you really have the knowledge and experience when it comes to negotiating a contract for the sale of real estate? There’s much more to the process than simply agreeing on a price. Do you know how to handle the negotiation of a home inspection? What do you do if the home inspection finds mold, termites, or a crack in the foundation? I can assure you an experienced real estate agent knows how to keep the deal going in these cases. Their job is not to just get your house under contract, but to keep the process going all the way to the closing table. Do you understand the different types of buyer financing options and how that plays into accepting a strong offer?

There are so many things to consider with the sale of your home; I have barely scratched the surface on the ins and outs of selling residential real estate. That’s why I encourage you to at least speak with an agent before deciding to sell your home on your own without agent representation.

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