How to use your Real Estate Advisor as a Resource

October 6, 2022

A real estate ‘advisor’ can be an invaluable resource to homeowners. Oftentimes the relationship between client and real estate agent is transactional and ends at the closing table. The agent is viewed as a one time use with the purpose of helping buy or sell a home. However, they can and should provide value beyond that single transaction. Allow me to share some areas where a real estate advisor can provide value throughout home ownership. First, think of your real estate agent as you do your financial planner. The role of the financial planner isn’t to just deposit your money into the desired investment and move on. They continually update you on new investment options and how your current investments are performing. They advise you how and where to put your money to maximum your investment for a better return. A real estate advisor can do the same thing, but with your real estate portfolio, whether you own one ore 50 properties.

A real estate advisor can keep you updated and informed on the real estate market in general, but specifically what’s going on in your global market or neighborhood. They can also provide current valuations of your home as the market changes. They can share valuable information regarding which updates to your home will bring the most value when it’s time to sell and which ones won’t provide the desired return. I highly recommend having a real estate agent give their opinion on which finishes, flooring, paint, etc attract the most buyers. I have worked with more than one seller who picked out something that’s ‘good quality’ but not necessarily a color that many buyers would chose. Oftentimes your real estate advisor has the best information to help you spend your money on home upgrades in the most profitable fashion.

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